Uberis Capital support CECIF

Uberis Capital support CECIF

CECIF (International French Speaking Economic and Cultural Center) is a free platform that helps French speaking African producers to find partners thanks to a directory, sell and buy advertisements, internal messaging, quotations and company profiles. The main idea of CECIF is to avoid intermediaries between small poor producers and resellers in order to allow them both to make more profit. Created in 2000, the platform regroups today 25 000 members in more than 100 countries.

CECIF is doing a crowdfunding campaign, in order to increase its reliability, security, quality and introduce value-added services for its members whilst allowing gratuity for smallholders. UBERIS is supporting CECIF because it makes a significant impact on small farmers in Asia and Africa through innovation. CECIF is a good example of “Social Tech”, social enterprises that use digital innovation to modernise inefficient agriculture supply chains and international commodity trade.

If like us you would like to support CECIF, go to: https://fr.ulule.com/plateforme-cecif/

Introducing Susli Lie, Senior Advisor

Introducing Susli Lie, Senior Advisor

Susli-LieWe are delighted to announce that Susli Lie joined UBERIS Capital to assist in developing the firm in Indonesia and provide general guidance. 

Susli has significant experience in financial services in the Asia-Pacific region. Her specific interest is at the cross-section of development and business, such as impact investing, public-private partnerships (PPPs), and the emerging field of private sector student financing in developing markets.

Susli began her career at Oliver Wyman Financial Services, where she was an Engagement Manager and subsequently the Asia-Pacific Chief of Staff. Her investment experience includes private equity and impact investment at Quvat Capital and LeapFrog Investments. She serves as a consultant for multilateral organizations such as the ADB, World Bank and IFC.

Susli has an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania. She also studied at Yale University (BA) and the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (MA), at Johns Hopkins University. Susli is originally from Indonesia, and among other speaks Bahasa and Chinese.

“Impact Investing is at the forefront of market led development and I am constantly amazed at how fast this sector is evolving and innovating. Uberis has a role to play in this and I am looking forward to assisting its growth, and its contribution to the sector and the region.”


Introduction of Coco Khmer

Introduction of Coco Khmer

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Coco Khmer is one of the ventures of Uberis Capital. Coco Khmer was founded in August 2013 by Robert Esposito. Coco Khmer helps marginalized women of Cambodia while producing 100% natural virgin coconut oil.

Small Reportage to Introduce Coco Khmer

Coco Khmer started with the combination of the will of the NGO Voice to find work for motivated women looking to take care of their families, and Robert who studied coconut palms and saw the potential of coconuts that were used only to make coconut water. Robert teaches to these women how to traditional virgin coconut oil, and starting with a 30$ investment Robert set up a demo day at the Voice community which attracted a dozen people. After six months, Robert then found a house close to the community centre, next to Boeung Kak Lake. With a team of 6 trained women that could effectively make a consistently good quality of coconut oil, and on August 5th, 2013, Coco Khmer began its first day of production. After seeing the interest, both women and Robert starting to work together. After three months a team of 6 women was working with Robert, producing consistently good quality of coconut oil.

Coco Khmer is now producing different types of product: virgin coconut oil and 100% natural health and beauty products (face and body scrub, lip balm, baby balm, massage balm, after-shave balm, natural deodorant and soap). The main goal of Coconut is the expend the demand of coconut oil products in order to expand the micro-facilities to different communities in Cambodia.

Coco Khmer now

Coco Khmer first goal is to increase employment in Boeng Kak Lake area in order to help women who lost their jobs and cannot answer their needs and those of their families anymore. For that, the company would like to build a bigger facility, to produce more coconut oil and health products. The long-term objective of Coco Khmer is to continue to expand our micro-facilities also to different communities in Cambodia.

The Coconut Market in Cambodia

Coconut trees are growing at numerous places in Cambodia, most of them can be found in the South Eastern part of the country. According to a survey conducted in 2004, we can count at least 12 million coconut palms in Cambodia. Cambodian like to plant them around their land as landscape, as it is easy to maintain and produce Coconut fruit, giving a natural drink with numerous of health benefits.

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Uberis Capital receive an Award from LiveWire

Uberis Capital receive an Award from LiveWire

ASEAN Impact Investing VC Firm-Awards 

For the second time, in two consecutive years, Uberis Capital received the M&A Award of the ASEAN Impact Investing VC Firm for 2016


Press release from M&A Awards 2016

“United Kingdom – 13 June 2016 – Today marks the globally celebrated publication of the Corporate LiveWire’s 2016 M&A Awards Winners Guide.

Mergers & Acquisitions provide the movements for global economic success and the M&A Awards recognise the achievements of dealmakers, management teams, financiers and professional advisors who, over the past 12 months, have demonstrated excellence in their deal making. The M&A team at Corporate LiveWire are honored to publish a full list of winners and celebrate the accomplishment of the firms.

Elizabeth Moore, Awards Director of the 2016 M&A Awards Winners Guide is simply elated with the stature of this year’s winners. Commenting on the vigorous level of competition this year, Elizabeth said: “We were delighted with the volume of nominations received for this year’s M&A awards. It is always a proud time to see how firms all over the world have developed and grown. And it is with great confidence to publish the 2016 M&A Award Winners Guide. I look forward to see growth in the winners for many years to come.”

Mergers & Acquisitions is one of the most buoyant markets as companies agree to merge, and after extensive research, the judging panel at Corporate LiveWire have picked an elite group to be honoured and acknowledged for their impressive performance over the past 12 months.

This year’s winners include RBS Invoice Finance, Bureau van Dijk, iMedX, MoneySoft Inc and Grant Thornton among others.


About Corporate LiveWire

Corporate LiveWire is brought to you by Fenice Media Ltd., a publishing house with an international presence. Fenice Media aims to offer a number of platforms for connecting its clients with an exclusive, global audience.  The core products offer daily-updated content along with regular magazine publications that can be viewed on all digital platforms.


Elizabeth Moore

Corporate LiveWire


Introducing Tom Schmittzehe, Executive Director

Introducing Tom Schmittzehe, Executive Director

Tom Schmittzehe, Executive Director

Uberis Capital is glad to welcome Tom Schmittzehe to the team, who joined in January 2016 to be based and head-up operations in Southeast Asia. Tom has a surprisingly long background in the new field of impact investing and more broadly social finance, having been active since 2002, and in Asia since 2006. He has worked in a leadership role for a number of prominent organizations such as Ashoka, and among other was also the co-founder of Ennovent, a leading social business accelerator in South Asia. Tom started his career in banking and strategy consulting, and has degrees from Oxford University (BA), the Wharton School (MBA – where he also studied at INSEAD), and the Harvard Kennedy School (MPA). He speaks fluent English, French and German, and insists he hopes to do the same one day with Bahasa Indonesia.

“Uberis is a young firm, with big ambitions. It demonstrates the entrepreneurial flexibility and vision to address persistent problems with new approaches – including new approaches within impact investing, itself a nascent field. These are some of the traits that drew me to join the team full-time at the start of this year, having previously been an advisor to the firm since its launch. Social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and Uberis –all emerging agents of change, and I am committed and excited at the opportunity to help drive them forward.”