Introduction of Coco Khmer

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Coco Khmer is one of the ventures of Uberis Capital. Coco Khmer was founded in August 2013 by Robert Esposito. Coco Khmer helps marginalized women of Cambodia while producing 100% natural virgin coconut oil.

Small Reportage to Introduce Coco Khmer

Coco Khmer started with the combination of the will of the NGO Voice to find work for motivated women looking to take care of their families, and Robert who studied coconut palms and saw the potential of coconuts that were used only to make coconut water. Robert teaches to these women how to traditional virgin coconut oil, and starting with a 30$ investment Robert set up a demo day at the Voice community which attracted a dozen people. After six months, Robert then found a house close to the community centre, next to Boeung Kak Lake. With a team of 6 trained women that could effectively make a consistently good quality of coconut oil, and on August 5th, 2013, Coco Khmer began its first day of production. After seeing the interest, both women and Robert starting to work together. After three months a team of 6 women was working with Robert, producing consistently good quality of coconut oil.

Coco Khmer is now producing different types of product: virgin coconut oil and 100% natural health and beauty products (face and body scrub, lip balm, baby balm, massage balm, after-shave balm, natural deodorant and soap). The main goal of Coconut is the expend the demand of coconut oil products in order to expand the micro-facilities to different communities in Cambodia.

Coco Khmer now

Coco Khmer first goal is to increase employment in Boeng Kak Lake area in order to help women who lost their jobs and cannot answer their needs and those of their families anymore. For that, the company would like to build a bigger facility, to produce more coconut oil and health products. The long-term objective of Coco Khmer is to continue to expand our micro-facilities also to different communities in Cambodia.

The Coconut Market in Cambodia

Coconut trees are growing at numerous places in Cambodia, most of them can be found in the South Eastern part of the country. According to a survey conducted in 2004, we can count at least 12 million coconut palms in Cambodia. Cambodian like to plant them around their land as landscape, as it is easy to maintain and produce Coconut fruit, giving a natural drink with numerous of health benefits.

UBERIS Capital, Impact Investing, Social Venture, Social Company, social venture capital, social company, coco khmer