Uberis Capital support CECIF

CECIF (International French Speaking Economic and Cultural Center) is a free platform that helps French speaking African producers to find partners thanks to a directory, sell and buy advertisements, internal messaging, quotations and company profiles. The main idea of CECIF is to avoid intermediaries between small poor producers and resellers in order to allow them both to make more profit. Created in 2000, the platform regroups today 25 000 members in more than 100 countries.

CECIF is doing a crowdfunding campaign, in order to increase its reliability, security, quality and introduce value-added services for its members whilst allowing gratuity for smallholders. UBERIS is supporting CECIF because it makes a significant impact on small farmers in Asia and Africa through innovation. CECIF is a good example of “Social Tech”, social enterprises that use digital innovation to modernise inefficient agriculture supply chains and international commodity trade.

If like us you would like to support CECIF, go to: https://fr.ulule.com/plateforme-cecif/