Uberis Capital looking for an Investment Analyst in Hanoi, Vietnam

Uberis Capital looking for an Investment Analyst in Hanoi, Vietnam

UBERIS Capital is recruiting a Financial Analyst to be based in Vietnam.

About the Job

This position is to assist UBERIS Capital with its investments in Vietnam. The candidate will be involved in two new investments currently being deployed by UBERIS Capital.

This position is open to experienced candidates and post-graduate interns. Experienced candidates may have a first experience in Venture Capital, Incubation/Acceleration, Audit and Finance or a role as internal auditor in the industry.

The job will include a variety of roles including:

  • Due diligence
  • Business planning and financial modeling
  • Project management of specific tasks to assist entrepreneurs
  • Financial monitoring and reporting
  • Occasional assistance to UBERIS Capital’s partners in preparing research and pitch documentation
  • Local business development action in coordination with UBERIS Capital’s Vietnam-based partners.

This position is open for a minimum duration of 6 months and can be extended to 12 months. The role is open for volunteers seeking a first experience in social business and impact investing.

The position is not remunerated but offers an opportunity for a permanent recruitment beyond the initial volunteering period, either within the UBERIS Capital team or in detachment with an investee company.


  • Bachelor degree required; Masters degree preferred
  • Trained in finance with prior experience in financial management and/or internal audit and/or Industry background in consumer goods and/or ecotourism and/or sustainable agriculture
  • Entrepreneurially minded, self-starter seeking a challenge and happy to operate in a start-up environment
  • UBERIS is seeking candidates who can operate autonomously. Applicants must be self-starters seeking a challenge and experience. The volunteer or intern will be offered support and training from UBERIS.
  • Good understanding of social businesses, willingness to work in “Bottom of the Pyramid” innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Good command of English is required; ideally speaks Vietnamese (but not a requisite).

To apply

Please submit a cover letter and CV to: cyrille.antignac@uberiscapital.com

Cyrille Antignac for Uberis Capital at EDF International, 24-25 January

Cyrille Antignac for Uberis Capital at EDF International, 24-25 January

UBERIS Capital’s Managing Director Cyrille Antignac will feature as a panel speaker to ELECTRIC DAYS, a two-days event organised by EDF International in Paris on 24-25 January 2017. Electric days gathers energy innovators to discuss the future of energy. Cyrille will feature next to Jean-Louis Borloo, former French cabinet minister and founder of Energy for Africa Foundation, Hervé Gouyet, Chairman or Electricien Without Borders, Simone Rossi, International Director EDF International and Thibault Lesueur, co-founder of SOLARIS Offgrid.

More information here, and the programme.

Uberis Capital and 1001 Fontaines introducing WALITY

Uberis Capital and 1001 Fontaines introducing WALITY

Diner in London: 19th January – Uberis Capital and 1001 Fontaines introducing WALITY

1001 Fontaines is hosting a diner in London on 19 January to introduce WALITY, a Vietnam-based water kiosk venture. WALITY is launched by Vietnamese women entrepreneurs and supported by 1001 Fontaines and UBERIS Capital.

UK TONIIC members are very welcome to join!

Please contact Cyrille Antignac (cyrille.antignac@uberiscapital.com) if you are interested or need more details.

Venue: Rules (35 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden WC2E 7LB)

Time: 7.30pm

Collaboration avec 1001 Fontaines au Vietnam

Collaboration avec 1001 Fontaines au Vietnam

UBERIS soutient 1001 Fontaines, une entreprise sociale et solidaire française agissant au Cambodge dans le domaine de l’eau. 1001 Fontaines, c’est 150 « kiosks a eau » distribuant de l’eau pure à plus de 400,000 personnes au prix de 1 centime le litre dans les villages du Cambodge ou il n’existe pas d’eau potable. L’eau potable est un luxe pour les familles pauvres pour qui acheter de l’eau est hors de moyen. C’est pourtant possible grâce aux « Kiosks a Eau » de 1001 Fontaines ou mini stations d’eau qui fournissent de l’eau potable pour un cout d’équipement de 10 à 15 dollar par habitant par site. Ce concept innovant est la solution pour équiper les foyers situes dans les zones ou les infrastructures d’adduction d’eau propre n’existent pas. 1001 Fontaines est le leader mondial des Kiosk à Eau et ambitionne de délivrer de l’eau à 1 million de personnes d’ici 2020 au Cambodge, à Madagascar, en Inde et dans d’autre pays actuellement à l’étude.

Rejoignez-nous en donnant a 1001 Fontaines sur  http://www.1001fontaines.com/fr/faire-un-don. 

Par ailleurs, UBERIS annonce sa collaboration avec 1001 Fontaines au Vietnam a travers le lancement d’une nouvelle entreprise de Kiosk a Eau soutenue conjointement par 1001 Fontaines et UBERIS Capital. Suivez notre communication sur ce projet en 2017 !