About Impact Investing

Impact Investing is profit-seeking investment that intentionally generates benefits for society. It seeks to invest into social enterprises that work with BoP (“Bottom-of-the-Pyramid”) as employees, suppliers or customers. Read More

Social enterprises

We currently help social enterprises transition to commercially competitive business models and raise funds.

We are working with high employment ratio businesses to incorporate a significant proportion of disadvantaged employees.


Who we are

Uberis is the latin for fertility, abundance. Our name evokes the transformative nature of our work aiming to improve the lives of disadvantaged people by growing enterprises with social intents.

UBERIS Capital is an impact investing venture capital firm with offices currently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and London, United Kingdom. It supports the founding and expansion of high growth social enterprises that serve the base of the socio-economic pyramid.

Founded by social investors and financiers, UBERIS Capital builds on the experience gained on establishing social enterprises since early 90' and working with local governments, private sector and civil society. 

With 18 years of experience, our team is the pre-eminent social venture capital player in Southeast Asia.

UBERIS Capital supports social enterprises at various stages of development:

  • Transitioning to commercial competitiveness: “Transition Capital”
  • Developing successful Social Enterprises to grow internationally: “Expansion Capital”
  • Catalyse other social impact capital from private investors: "Capital Arranger"

Assistance is provided in the form of advisory, project management and financing.
Finance is always adapted to ensure that social benefits are not disrupted by the growth of companies and ensure optimal returns for investors.

Please follow our blog to find out more about impact investing with Uberis Capital, our current investment projects, case studies, business trends and much more! at http://uberiscapital.wordpress.com 

Our founders have over 15 years of experience investing in social enterprises in the region as well as other emerging "frontier" economies. They possess a 10-years full cycle investment track-record in impact enterprises demonstrating both social impacts and financial returns.

In addition, being present in the region since the 1990s, they are highly integrated into the societies of the region and enjoy strong connections with public and private sectors. Their ability to bridge between governmental, institutional business parties makes it possible to source the best investment opportunities and manage risks effectively.