How we help Entrepreneurs

How we help entrepreneurs Operating Model

How we help Entrepreneurs


We help  early stage entrepreneurs, who lead purpose driven ventures addressing rural development in Southeast Asia.

Typically, the ventures may have already gained support from seed investors, like business angels and incubators, but they have not yet attracted venture capital funding. They have a proven model or concept, and may already have several years of profitable trading history. They are now looking for help to expand their business to the next level and accelerate their growth.

We look to partner with these entrepreneurs, and offer a range of support. We build close relationships and actively assit and advise them over the long term.

Aside from the long term strategic guidance we offer all our entrepreneurs, we also provide help and advice with specific areas such as strategy, operations, and financial planning, on a case-by-case basis.

For ventures that are too early for venture capital funding, we guide them in becoming "investment ready". This can include helping them to formalize management practices and reporting systems, as well as governance structures, so as to meet the needs of professional investors.

We typically offer this assistance on a cost or pro-bono basis to entrepreneurs we work with, often long before we provide funding.

For the enterprises that meet our rigorous selection criteria, we offer a range of financing solutions.

For earlier stage entrepreneurs, we facilitate competitive or concessionary small sized business loans.

For more established ventures, we offer larger funding, which can be in the form of debt, equity or a mix of the two.

We invest our own funds, as well as with and on behalf of other impact investors. Through our partnerships with other investors, we can also structure larger investments and support our entrepreneurs for onward investment.

In exceptional circumstances, we take an operational lead in building new or established ventures. We partner with entrepreneurs, corporations, NGOs and other stakeholders, who share our goals for blended impact and financial returns.

With these partners, we incubate and develop innovative and market-creating solutions to problems that no one else is addressing effectively. We invest funds as well as our team’s expertise in strategy, finance, operations and in leading growth ventures.


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