Revolve is the procurement company of Artillery, a retail F&B business in Cambodia focused on healthy lifestyles for customers and Farm to Table, a revolving credit facility to help smallholder farmers invest toward higher productivity (part of the Artillery F&B Group, in Cambodia). Artillery develops a conscious supply chain focused on supporting local and chemical free agriculture and food processing.

artillery, phnom penh, cambodia, venture capital, social venture, impact investment, uberis capital, partnerThe focus of ARTillery is to serve fresh, creative, homemade food and drinks to customers at cafes in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The mission of business is to work with local farms and food enterprises to develop organic food production, create market demand for chemical free products, and raise health awareness among consumers. In the other hand, Farm to Table serve food that is is organic and chemical-free whenever possible, featuring partner Discovery Farms who also process and sell their daily harvest of certified organic produce at their shop on site. The Farm to Table menu features cafe fare in an urban garden setting made from seasonal, locally grown ingredients

It began as a small arts cafe three years ago, and by the end of 2015 will have expanded to three locations in two cities and approximately 50 Cambodian staff – with more than half of its employees are young women who can work part time to fund university education.

UBERIS Capital is funding Revolve with a revolving loan. It will fund 4 social enterprises, all selected suppliers to Artillery and fair-trade organic producers of agricultural commodities. The four suppliers produce cashew nuts, coconut oil, jasmine rice and vegetables. Together, they support over 6,000 farmers.

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UBERIS Capital will increase financial commitment over time. We envision Revolve to grow sourcing for Artillery that aims to increase the number of restaurants and food shops as well as other retailers.

Social Impact

  • Local Procurement: More than US$120,000 spent annually on local, organic and/or chemical free produce
  • Market Linkage: Artillery links small producers / growers directly with target consumers. Through its retail platform, Artillery understands key trends in consumer preferences and demand.
  • Value-Add Processing: Leveraging existing space and assets, Artillery is able to conduct value-add processing within Cambodia for sale domestically and, eventually, abroad

Achievements thanks to UBERIS Capital: We envision Revolve to grow sourcing for Artillery that aims to increase the number of restaurants and food shops as well as other retailers. Ultimately, Revolve aims to become an independent sourcing platform for organic food retailers in Cambodia and focus for fair trade agriculture in the country. UBERIS Capital and Revolve work together since 2014.

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