Sunlabob Renewable Energy


Sunlabob Renewable Energy is a Lao-based company specializing in providing commercially viable renewable energy and clean water solutions for rural and remote communities. With a focus on solutions that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, is recognized for its innovative and adaptive models that seek to provide long-term access to clean energy and water in the rural and remote areas of Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific Islands.

Sunlabob works for rural poor situated in remote areas off-grid. It provides solutions that mostly use solar and small-scale hydropower technologies. Experts in rural, remote areas, Sunlabob offers a wide range of products and services that achieve one common goal:

  • offering a clean, safe, and sustainable alternative to the consumption of kerosene or wood for lighting or other uses in rural households. UBERIS Capital and Sunlabob are working together since 2013.

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Established in 2001, the company has expanded beyond its initial focus in Laos, now providing its expertise of rural electrification to governments, multilateral development agencies, multinational companies, NGOs and private individuals throughout Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific.

Sunlabob recipients receive electricity in their home for the first time. Over 250,000 households have been impacted over the last five years. Sunlabob is also one of the most experienced rural power company in the world. It has received numerous awards from the World Economic Forum (Schwab Social Enterprise of the Year), Ashen, Light Africa etc…

UBERIS Capital is managing a financial commitment into Sunlabob in order to help the company grow from $5m turnover currently. In the last five years, Sunlabob delivered over $15m of rural electrification projects in 12 countries. Our ambition is to use this investment to grow Sunlabob to reach $15m annual turnover in five years.

What Sunlabob does:

Rural areas:

Sunlabob-I1In rural areas, Sunlabob has acquired unrivalled knowledge and experience of the local market and stakeholders while developing and researching energy solutions. These solutions mostly use solar and small-scale hydro power technologies, offering a clean, safe, and sustainable alternative to the consumption of kerosene or wood for lighting or other uses in rural households throughout the Lao PDR. In addition to environmental and health benefits, these interventions support the development of rural communities, as people can pursue an education and income-generating activities during the time previously occupied by conventional practices such as collecting firewood.

Urban areas:

Sunlabob-I2To combat the lack of awareness on energy efficiency and to support building occupants in the Lao PDR improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, Sunlabob has engaged in creating awareness towards energy savings. This activity is particularly relevant in the Lao PDR, a country currently experiencing a boom in the building sector. Sunlabob’s energy saving services aim to decrease energy consumption and energy wastage in buildings and factories, as well as to increase awareness of efficient energy usage.

As part of its energy conservation activities, Sunlabob offers energy audits, energy efficiency consultancies, and studies on energy saving potentials in factories. Furthermore, Sunlabob is constantly engaging in projects to raise awareness of energy efficiency issues and to apply energy efficiency standards in the Lao PDR. Sunlabob’s view on energy efficiency in the Lao PDR is that the private sector must receive public sector support in the development of national standards for buildings and hotels in order to increase the quality of buildings.

Corporate Responsibility:

  • Sunlabob believes that responsible, long-term oriented entrepreneurship is the driving force for sustainable economic development and for providing managerial, technical, and financial resources needed to meet social and environmental challenges.
  • With this being the core principle behind our approach, we can generate a profit as well as provide a service to the developing country of Laos. To this end, we have been committed since our inception to providing our solutions at affordable and competitive rates.
  • Furthermore, we are dedicated to helping achieve UN Millennium Development Goal #7: Ensure environmental sustainability. Sunlabob thus also participates in the UNEP Climate Neutral Network.

Achievements thanks to UBERIS Capital: Sunlabob is now participating in an ambitious rural electrification in Myanmar where it will design and build standalone renewable energy generators to power telecom towers in off-grid remote areas. These rural “Energy Hubs” will be built over capacity to distribute power to local communities.

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