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TxT produce and supply high-quality economic empowerment of marginalized ethnic minority communities, through high-value poultry breeding. TxT is covering 5 districts of Western mountainous area in Thanh Hoa province.

TxT was established in June 2010 in Quan Hoa, Thanh Hoa Province in order to help improve the livelihood of the ethnic minorities in the region. TxT aims to promote regional sustainable development through the production and supply of high-quality breeding poultry and waterfowl. Quan Hoa and its surrounding regions are 5 of 63 the poorest mountainous districts in Vietnam, with the majority of the population belonging to ethnic minorities (Thai, Muong).


On account of the rough mountainous terrain and difficult weather conditions, poultry breeding is yet to be developed, requiring the population to earn most of their income from planting bamboo, corn and other crops that grow on slopes.

The Thanh Hoa Province of north-central Vietnam has a 50,000 Ha bamboo plantation of Long “Giant Bamboo”, the largest in Southeast Asia. 

Seeing the opportunity to lift these rural populations out of poverty through the introduction of a new way of improving incomes, TxT successfully set up a breeding farm in QuanHoa where they are able to provide the local communities with young fowl, eggs and poultry for consumption. The company also provides the local farmers with the necessary support and training to ensure sustained returns from their livestock.

TxT’s unique initiative not only provides the local communities with an additional form of livelihood that produces higher returns but also provides a platform for cooperation and participation among micro-entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. These entrepreneurs are to become active agents in TxT’s network of product distribution and technical support for both the local development strategy and the poultry breeding industry in Thanh Hoa. In this way, TxT seeks to realise its long-term objective of rural empowerment and


By 2015, TxT aims to reach following targets:

  1. Increase incomes of 2,750 households in five targeted districts, wherein 400-targeted households would be lifted out of poverty sustainably through poultry breeding (average additional monthly income is USD 28 or USD 1 per day).
  2. Create and develop a network of over 90 micro-entrepreneurs belonging to ethnic minority groups to produce and breed chickens, increasing their monthly incomes to USD 300 on average.
  3. Create jobs and a sustainable life for 20 workers in the targeted group with an additional monthly income of USD 220 on average.

UBERIS Capital got involved in 2011 to help the company transition to commercial competitiveness. In 2013, TxT was elected as one of the first social enterprises in Vietnam in a national social enterprise competition.