We support high-impact enterprises from across Southeast Asia that work with rural and underserved communities. Below is a selection we have worked with.


UBERIS Capital works with all type of entrepreneurs that brings Social Impact and Innovation to Southeast Asia and the rural poor. 

Below example of the different kind of companies UBERIS Capital can work with.

Sunlabob Renewable Energy

Sunlabob Renewable Energy is a Lao-based company specializing in providing commercially viable renewable energy and clean water solutions for rural and remote communities. With a focus on solutions that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, is recognized for its innovative and adaptive models that seek to provide long-term access to clean energy and water in […]


Revolve is the procurement company of Artillery, a retail F&B business in Cambodia focused on healthy lifestyles for customers and Farm to Table, a revolving credit facility to help smallholder farmers invest toward higher productivity (part of the Artillery F&B Group, in Cambodia). Artillery develops a conscious supply chain focused on supporting local and chemical free […]

Khmer Sedge Designs

Khmer Sedge Designs is a social enterprise operating in Ksach Kandal creating a variety of high- quality, all-natural sedge grass products, preserving traditional crafts and supporting economic empowerment for women. UBERIS Capital and Khmer Sedge Designs are working together since 2012.

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Coco Khmer

 Cambodia – Phnom Penh   Coco Khmer is a social enterprise creating high quality coconut oil and coconut-based skincare products, producing fair-trade based and natural coconut products, while providing economic empowerment for marginalized Cambodians. It was created in August 2013. The facility is based in Phnom Penh. The company provides upward mobility opportunities to marginalized Cambodians. […]

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TxT produce and supply high-quality economic empowerment of marginalized ethnic minority communities, through high-value poultry breeding. TxT is covering 5 districts of Western mountainous area in Thanh Hoa province.