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Picture1 Vietnam – Hanoi

WALITY is a water kiosk company, it operates machines that make purified water. Our technology is compacted to make clean water available to the poor, for an investment that does not exceed $10 per user. WALITY helps people living with less that $1.25 a day who live in the outskirts of cities and in small towns where there is no water utility. Water kiosks exist in many countries and are a cheap alternative to expensive utilities. It is well suited to the needs of urban poor and isolated rural areas.

WALITY is supported by social enterprise specialists including SPARK Centre for Social Enterprise, a Vietnamese NGO that supports social entrepreneurs throughout Vietnam, and UBERIS, an Impact Investing firm that helps finance social enterprises in the Mekong region. 

WALITY is undertaken with 1001 Fontaines, a water kiosk leader that already runs 200 water kiosks in Cambodia, India and Madagascar with over 240,000 beneficiaries.

Water in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country where groundwater pollution has reached excessive heights. After two decades of huge progress in water and sanitation, the country is still facing acute problems due to intensive agriculture and industrialisation. Levels of arsenic and other water contaminants like heavy metals are very high. In some areas of Vietnam like in the Red River and Mekong deltas where the density of population is close to that of Bangladesh, urban poor struggle to find clean water.

WALITY helps people living with less that $1.25 a day, who live in the outskirts of cities and in small towns where there is no water utility. Most urban migrants live close to industrial zones where water is polluted and access to clean water is a problem. WALITY has two main objectives including:

  • 1-Supply clean water affordably to the poor, allowing them to increase their quality of life and health at a price less than 2 US$ a litter.
  • 2-Empower young women entrepreneurs by providing them with an opportunity to start their own business.

WALITY sell water at $2 cents a litre in jugs of 20L. This price is more affordable that most water sources and – unlike tap water – the water is guaranteed pure. WALITY operates machines authorised and certified by the Ministry of Health.

WALITY’s ambition is to grow to 150 sites or “water kiosks” in five years. To achieve that goal, WALITY wants to help women set up their own water enterprise by operating a water kiosk in a chosen location. WALITY will help them with equipment, maintenance, operations, branding, marketing, training. WALITY is a women enterprise dedicated to empower women with entrepreneurial opportunity.