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​Based in Cambodia, we are intimately familiar with the opportunities and risks of the South-East Asian markets. We operate in the same region as our ventures, maximizing our support.


We believe in supporting ventures with personalized technical assistance through their growth  cycle. Our value proposition is to help ventures grow from Seed stage to later rounds of capital, maximizing Enterprise Value creation and impact.


UBERIS was founded in 2012 by Anthony Orsatelli, Cyrille Antignac, Pierre Tami, and Kim Tan. The first UBERIS fund, called UBERIS Capital, supported the Truestone Impact Fund as its local investment manager in Southeast Asia. During this period, UBERIS Capital invested $2.4m in early-stage social enterprises in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, and catalyzed $5m from co-investors.


By 2016, Orsatelli, Tami, and Tan left UBERIS Capital, and Antignac started a new UBERIS fund called UBERIS Venture with two new partners, Nicolas De Boisgrollier and Jean-Paul Devey. During this period, UBERIS Venture invested in renewable energy and clean water companies in Southeast Asia with investments in 2 solar companies, Sunlabob (Laos) and Solar Home (Myanmar) and one clean water access start-up, Wality (Vietnam).


In 2018, UBERIS Venture was closed, and Antignac and Devey started a new Triple-Bottom Line fund (Social, Environmental and Financial returns) called UBERIS SA with Dr. Sov Leang. UBERIS SA raised $1m equity from partners and shareholders and invested in poverty alleviating businesses in Myanmar, a SmartAg firm (Tun Yat) and an e-commerce firm (BarLolo). 

In 2021, Dr. Leang started an angel network called UBERIS Impact Network (UIN) with a group of like-minded investors. This is an open-ended fund where impact investors can choose which investments are of interest to them and not be bound by the life term of a closed-ended fund. Dr. Leang also registered a non-profit organization (NGO) called UBERIS Planet in 2020 to support entrepreneurs with Technical Assistance to make them investment-ready. 



We look for entrepreneurs who show talent, character, integrity, ambition and passion. These qualities are essential to success and must be demonstrated by personal history and a strong track record.


We look for innovative business ideas that have growth potential in sales, profitability, enterprise value and impact.  It must be demonstrated by some proof of concept.


We look for business models that mitigate Climate Change, tackle Gender Equality, or impact lives (eg poverty alleviation,  life-changing services)

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